Person-centred counselling

Information about the person-centred counselling approach can be found via the person centred association website. ¬†Essentially it means that clients are free to lead sessions, raising matters which they want to talk about, without the therapist directing them towards particular subjects. ¬†Person-centred therapists endeavour to provide a warm, caring and non-judgemental environmental in an effort to understand their client’s way of seeing the world and their individual experience.

The person-centred approach can help individuals as a result of another person’s caring and understanding of the client’s situation and emotions which are troubling them. The tendency is that exploration and emotional movement occur which in turn can lead to practical changes of benefit to the person.

Person-centred therapy typically involves verbal communication between the client and the therapist but is also seen in other types of therapeutic exchanges such as play or other forms of creative therapy. In my practice I provide drawing materials if clients wish to use them to express themselves – although I find clients generally prefer just to talk.

Sessions are 50 minutes long. Before starting counselling an assessment session takes place where we will discuss what you are looking for/struggling with. You will gain some experience of what it is like being with me and I will provide my thoughts on whether I feel the counselling with me could help you. I will ask you to think how many sessions you would like to start with and what date/time is possible. If we decide to commence counselling we will then agree the number of sessions, at the end of which, there will be an ending session where we will both review how helpful the counselling has been and whether further sessions are appropriate or not.

If you have any questions about counselling or the way that I work please do feel free to contact me. Prior to arranging the assessment session, I am happy to have a brief (10 minutes) telephone conversation (free of charge) to enable us both to make some assessment as to whether it would be appropriate.

My counselling service is for adults only.