What to expect

Counselling sessions are typically weekly, for 50 minutes at each session.  The first session is a little different from subsequent ones as there are some matters to be covered including confidentiality.  There are no requirements to commit to any particular number of sessions although it is generally recommended that where individuals wish to end their therapy that they endeavour to agree to have an ending session.

Person-centred counselling is a ‘non-directive’ type of counselling and I will therefore be unlikely to suggest areas for clients to talk about or ‘work on’.  I have a general faith that people make the best use of their sessions when they are free to discuss whatever they choose to and this, of course, tends towards being matters which are most troubling for them.

Clients coming to me generally express themselves verbally, however I do provide drawing materials should an individual wish to use them.

Feedback from clients can be useful – both what has been helpful and what may not be.  I endeavour to be open to receiving such feedback and discussing with clients should they wish to do so.

If you have any questions about counselling or the way that I work please do feel free to contact me.  Prior to arranging a session I usually suggest that we arrange a short (10 minutes) telephone conversation (free of charge) to enable us both to make some assessment of whether we wish to arrange a first meeting.