Coaching can be in-person or online (via whatsapp/zoom).

Coaching can be applied to any area of life and it can be particularly helpful for health related issues. Coaching is generally client-led which means that I will be asking you what your goals are and what you want to achieve. We will work together to find ways of achieving your goals by you committing to take actions that you have identified, and which you feel motivated and committed to doing.

The big difference that a coach can make is to provide a focussed environment, which sits outside of your daily life, directed at what you want to achieve. You are then accountable to your coach, agreeing what you will be doing and by when. Goals will be agreed that are achievable and beneficial.

It is important to be aware that I am not medically qualified and it may sometimes be necessary for you to consult with a health care professional such as your GP or a dietician.

The purpose of our introductory assessment session is to ensure that your goals are appropriate for coaching with me, and appear beneficial for you. Following that, sessions are booked in groups of 4 – these can be once or twice per week. There is some support by way of email/text/whatsapp messages sent by you to me, in between sessions, so that you can feel accountable to me for carrying out the agreed activities.

I gained my coaching qualification in the context of health coaching, on a PCI accredited course ‘Foundations of Health Coaching’.